Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yesterday I bought a season pass to swim and do water aerobics at this pool just down the street from us. This morning I drag my butt out of bed at six am to go to my first water aerobics class. Keep in mind that I am looking like Medusa with the intent of jumping into the water the first possible moment and hoping no one notices my bed head in the mean time. I'm just not into mornings anyway and certainly not enough to wake up ten minutes EARLIER to fix my hair before getting into a pool. So I get there, notice three cars in the parking lot (all of which have a city logo), bars on the pool gates and a pool cover securely in place. Not good signs. But don't worry--I immedialty run into a city maintenance worker in desperate need of suspenders who acts like he’s never heard of a water aerobics class before and is suspicious of me possibly having a crack pipe habit. Mostly becasue he keeps staring at my hair.

I’m gonna have to go look at that brochure again. Crap.


lisa said...

Shan, you are so funny! Wrong place, maybe? or maybe a scam?!
That would be horrible!
ps I am having second thoughts on the painting! (no surprise there) ;)

Kimm said...

I am impressed you got up at 6 am to go swimming...I don't think I would ever do that. Good for YOu!!

niki said...

okay, you HAVE to come visit!! as funny as that story is - i know i would have laughed even more if you were here telling it to me! miss ya!

Whitney said...

Isn't it cold? I start my water aerobics class tomorrow here in AZ and part of me still hopes they're locked up until it's 117 degrees. It's just too cold at 95 right now.

By the way, I'll be in UTAH soon. We need to talk!

Myra said...

I don't see the problem with having bed head. I usually have it until half way through the day, when I think, "Oh, it's lunchtime and I haven't showered yet." And today, after I went to Walmart in the evening, I noticed my hair was sticking out oddly in places...but in Walmart, that's just called fitting in.

Whitney said...

Dear Shannon,

It's time to update sweetie. It's time.

Everlasting Love,